Product Features

Hammerhead Kit - MSRP $1025 USD**

  • Hammerhead direction finder
  • Siren
  • 12V accessory power adapter
  • Two rubber ducky antennas
  • 8 AA batteries and battery holders
  • Waterproof equipment case (IP68, airtight, waterproof, shockproof)
  • Shoulder strap for equipment case

Pull out lid foam doubles as test beacon floation device.

** The Hammerhead is not sold separately from the kit. A test beacon is not included and may be purchased from

Hammerhead KitHammerhead automatic direction finder kit

Front Display

  • Eight directional indicators clearly shows the direction of the beacon
  • Carrier detect light on the lower left corner lights up when a signal from beacon is detected, siren output is enabled
  • A two digit multipurpose display:
    • the signal strength for clear and concise readings
    • Low battery and overvoltage indication. Autoshutoff in low and overvoltage conditions
    • Direction finding mode indication

Hammerhead automatic direction finder front displayHammerhead automatic direction finder front display

Control Buttons/Speaker

  • Frequency selection button for four test frequencies for training and emergency beacon frequency (121.5MHz)
  • Six different direction finding modes for varying conditions, accessed by holding down both the Pwr and Down buttons. Direction finding modes allow the Hammerhead to work with pulsed beacons (minimum 0.5 second pulse).
  • Built in speaker with volume control to allow monitoring of beacon transmissions


  • Selectable Frequencies; 121.5MHz, (training frequencies): 121.375MHz, 121.600MHz, 121.650MHz, 121.775MHz
Hammerhead automatic direction finder top displayHammerhead automatic direction finder top display

Carrier Detect, Siren and Siren Port

  • Carrier detect circuitry triggers siren port when signal from a beacon is detected. Circuity prevents false alarms to non modulated signals so Hammerhead can be used for monitoring of activated beacons.
  • A siren will alert a user that a transmitting beacon has been detected.
  • Siren output can be connected to drive relays (lights, other sirens).

Hammerhead automatic direction finder with siren connectedHammerhead automatic direction finder with siren connected

Hammerhead automatic direction finder siren portHammerhead automatic direction finder siren port

External Power Port

  • 12V external power allows continuous monitoring without using internal batteries.
    • Not to be used while direction finding..

Hammerhead automatic direction finder with external power chordHammerhead automatic direction finder with external power chord

Hammerhead automatic direction finder external power portHammerhead automatic direction finder external power port

Direction Finding Modes

  • The Hammerhead has two different types of signal processing modes, peak and average and three different periods which the signal are analyzed for a total of six modes.
  • Peak mode can be used on pulsed beacons or when the signal strength is varying significantly. Average mode is when the signal strength is fairly constant but needs averaging to steady the display.
  • The time which the signal is analyzed can also be changed from 0.3 seconds, 0.6 seconds and 2 seconds.
  • The different modes are cycled through by holding down the Pwr and Down buttons simultaneously and then released.
  • Don't know which mode to use, just cycle throught he different modes until the directional indicator is steady and/or the signal strength indicator is steady. Indication of the mode and the processing period is shown on the front display. The picture on the left shows the front display after the buttons has been pressed. See the manual for more information.

Hammerhead Automatic Direction Finder ModesHammerhead Automatic Direction Finder Modes

Float for Test Beacon

  • The lid foam can be used as a float for test beacons and has been precut to fit with the Tracker ELT and Tracker ETX test beacons made by Tracker Radio. It may be adapted to fit other beacons as well. Note: as of 2014, Tracker Radio may no longer be selling the test beacons.
  • The foam is used with the Tracker ELT test beacon.
    • Note that this is a pulsed beacon. PLBs transmits a constant signal, so it is not recommended for most testing and training purposes. For more information please refer to the User's manual.
  • Four mounting nuts, bolts and washer which can be purchased at any hardware store is required to mount test beacon.

Float foam for Tracker ELT test beaconFloat foam for Tracker ETL test beacon

  • Shown with Tracker ETX test beacon.
    • This is a constant signal (aka CW) transmitter and transmit similarly to a standard PLB and is recommended for testing and training purposes.
    • Two brass strips, four nuts, bolts and washers are required. Mounting hardware may be purchased at most hobby or harware stores.
See Hammerhead User's Manual for more information.

Note that RF Finding Systems is not affiliated with Tracker Radio.

Float foam for Tracker ETX test beaconFloat foam for Tracker ETX test beacon